Polymer Clay Camaraderie Abounds

I was so happy and gratified today. Last night I posted messages on a couple of the polymer clay forums that I used to spend a lot of time on. During the past few weeks, I have been visiting them again, reading and getting caught up with the newest news in Polymer Clay Land, however I hadn’t posted anything. After a long absence, it’s kind of hard to just jump in again.

Since I decided that the best way to get volunteers for the lightfast experiment was to ask, I posted on two of my favorite groups. Both are at Yahoo groups and the group names are Polymer Clay People and clay-polymer. The response was wonderful. What a great group of polymer clayers! I think we have enough volunteers now from a cross section of climates.

One of the posters has had some experience already, with using polymer clay on her car, and she lives in Texas (a true testing ground!).  From Judi Weers:

  • I can only tell you my experience. I decorated parts of my car with Premo inside and out. I live in San Antonio and we have lots of sun, record heat temps this past summer and unusually colder/wet this winter. The Premo colors hold up extremely well. Parts have been on for about a year and other parts about 4-5 years. You can check some of the pics on my website.Judi Weers ACS, San Antonio, TX
    Sr. Instructor – Art Clay
    PMC Certified
    Polymer Clay/Fused Glass

You have to go visit her website and see what she did to her car!  Here’s a big Atta Girl for Judi!!

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