My name is Patti Stoll and I am a polymer clay artist and garden professional, who lives and works in Kitsap County in Washington State.  I began working with polymer clay ten years ago.  To celebrate my decade anniversary, I am launching a new blog, to help contribute to the knowledge of the online polymer clay community.

Clay Revelations will chronicle discoveries in polymer clay.  As you know, if you’ve worked with polymer clay, it is not the easiest art medium to use and has a steep learning curve.  Through my journal and subject-specific articles, I will share what I have learned, in over 10 years working with polymer clay.

I will also highlight new, up and coming polymer clay artists, who wish to share their work here.  I invite and encourage you to post comments on the blog, submit discussion topics (through how-to questions, if you wish) and share your work with us, as well, through pictures or guest articles.  Please send me an email if this interests you.

Since I am always on the prowl for what the newest and greatest polymer clay supplies and tools are,  I will also be sharing that, in its own special section.

Rather than try to duplicate all the information that is already on the internet, I will provide links to what I consider are some of the best resources for information, learning, and polymer clay community. 

So, don’t be shy, speak up and share some of your own polymer clay revelations with us!

Patti Stoll
Polymer Clay Artist

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