Polymer Clay Camaraderie Abounds

I was so happy and gratified today. Last night I posted messages on a couple of the polymer clay forums that I used to spend a lot of time on. During the past few weeks, I have been visiting them again, reading and getting caught up with the newest news in Polymer Clay Land, however I hadn’t posted anything. After a long absence, it’s kind of hard to just jump in again.

Since I decided that the best way to get volunteers for the lightfast experiment was to ask, I posted on two of my favorite groups. Both are at Yahoo groups and the group names are Polymer Clay People and clay-polymer. The response was wonderful. What a great group of polymer clayers! I think we have enough volunteers now from a cross section of climates.

One of the posters has had some experience already, with using polymer clay on

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Update: Lightfastness of Polymer Clay Colors

The experiment, testing the color lightfastness of the colors of different brands of polymer clay, is moving along. I have a few changes to the parameters I laid out in my initial article, “Lightfastness of Polymer Clay Brands”.

First, I am happy to say, that I am adding two brands to the test process. In addition to Kato, Premo and Fimo Classic, I have added Cernit and Pardo. I received a new shipment of Pardo and Cernit and, I have to tell you, they were a joy to work with. I will cover my “take” on

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How Lightfast Are Polymer Clay Colors?

Since a lot of my life revolves around my garden, it goes without saying that many of my art inspirations focus on this subject. Many of my polymer clay pieces have a garden theme of some sort, in their designs. On my to-do list for quite some time now , is creating items to use in the garden.

These items need to be able to withstand exposure to all the outdoor elements, from rain, to freezing, to sun. Knowing this, about four years ago, I began experimenting.

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