How Lightfast Are Polymer Clay Colors?

Since a lot of my life revolves around my garden, it goes without saying that many of my art inspirations focus on this subject. Many of my polymer clay pieces have a garden theme of some sort, in their designs. On my to-do list for quite some time now , is creating items to use in the garden.

These items need to be able to withstand exposure to all the outdoor elements, from rain, to freezing, to sun. Knowing this, about four years ago, I began experimenting.

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What Polymer Clay Is

For those unfamiliar with polymer clay, I’d like to offer a some basic information about what the substance actually is.

However, it is almost more definitive to talk about what it is NOT. Polymer clay is NOT the same as the clays used to make pottery, ceramics, and other traditional clay items. It is NOT a clay that comes from the earth, as traditional clays do. Polymer clay is, in a

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