The Exquisite Polymer Clay Art of Jon Anderson

The Elephant by Jon Anderson

Of all the types of polymer clay techniques, complicated canes are probably the most difficult and the least appreciated by the general public. Frequently, the only ones that can fully appreciate complex cane work are those that have attempted it themselves. However, once a lay person really “gets it”, they are totally amazed and converted into an admirer of polymer clay art.

The Elephant by Jon Anderson

Several years ago, when I was still fairly new working with polymer clay, I was coming home from Arizona, killing time at the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. I wandered into the gift shop, casually browsing, when I was literally stopped in my tracks by a display of wonderful animals. I had suddenly realized that these wonderful creatures were covered in tiles of different complex polymer clay canes. From the whole animal itself, to the masterful arrangement of the tiles, to the astonishing

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Introduction or Induction?

Two little words very close together in sound, but what is the difference? And what do they have to do with polymer clay?

When you are introduced to polymer clay, you get a couple of bricks of it, do some reading about how to use it and cure it, make a little project and find it all very interesting. It’s maybe a couple-hour project. You’re done and you now feel

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